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Winter 2010 Beginners Class "Extra Credit" Contest Winners:

Tuesday class:
1st place: Sharon Shults and her 1 year old Beauceron, "Woodrow"



Thursday class:
1st place: Cheri Fults and her Pomeranian, "Maya"



Friday class:
1st place: Diane Horton and her Toy Poodle "Red"



Paws for Applause "Beginner" Class Photos


Daphne (Owner/Handler: Dee Ann Kilbourn)
1 year old Papillon

Harley (Owner/Handler: Angela Neustifter)

Gracie (Owner/Handler: Brad Davis)
6 year old terrier mix

Maggie (Owner/Handler: Mark Robinson)
American Hairless Terrier

Roxy (Owner/Handler: Holli Hulme)
10 month old papillon

Kuma (Owner/Handler: Michal Booth)
3 year old Collie & Spitz/Chow mix

Aspen (Owner/Handler: Elke Hullison)

Miguel (Owner/Handler: Cyndi Kidd)
2 year old Standard Poodle

Rocky (Owner/Handler: Pamala Johnson)
1 year old Boxer

Mannix (Owner/Handler: Don McClean)

Keller (Owner/Handler: Susan Miller)

Luna (Owner/Handler: Becky Winslow)
Terrier Mix

Red (Owner/Handler: Diane Horton)
4 1/2 months old red toy poodle

Chloe (Owner/Handler: Ann West )
German Shepherd Mix

Hazel (Owner/Handler: Crystal Morrison )
2 years old All American

Suzi Q (Owner/Handler: Brandi Southwell)
3 year old Shih Tzu

Journey (Owner/Handler: Diana Dann)
4 month old Border Collie

Rebel (Owner/Handler: Rachel Griffith)
3 year old lab

Radar (Owner/Handler: Glenda & Steve Holland)
5 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Savannah (Owner/Handler: Eraine Spencer)
1 year old Yorkie

Cassie (Owner/Handler: Megan Cook)
Golden Retriever

Brandy (Owner/Handler: Rhonda Piper)
2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback

Sneak (Owner/Handler: Eraine Spencer)
5 month old Border Collie

Huck (Owner/Handler: Russell Buehrle)
4 month old Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Taylor (Owner/Handler: Brenda Wilburn)
2 year old Golden Retriever

Sadie (Owner/Handler: Greta Buehrle)
1 year old English Setter

Pistol (Owner/Handler: Bronwen Lanning)
5 month old Aussie

Tallie (Owner/Handler: Eileen Mocarsky)
1 year old Chow Mix

Pickles (Owner/Handler: Crystal Jones)
1 year old Cattle Dog

Bailey (Owner/Handler: Michelle Parker)
2 year old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Joe (Owner/Handler: Alex Guapyassa)
1 year old Portuguese Water Dog

Grady (Owner/Handler: Andrea Herchenrader)
1 year old cattle dog mix

Whiskey (Owner/Handler: Billie Brown)
2 year old West Highland White Terrier

Cassius (Owner/Handler: Kerry White)
2 year old Boxer

Maple (Owner/Handler: Marlo Coffman)
5 month old German Shepherd

Shwa (Owner/Handler: Patti Mance)
2 year old English Sheepdog

Max (Owner/Handler: Jennifer Parker)
15 month old Shitzu

Buddy (Owner/Handler: Emily Asay)
1 year old Maltipoo

Sam Stowers and "Shimmer"
Mini Aussie

Toni George and "C.J."

Elaine and "Zena"

Susy (Owner/Handler: Alex Kriegbaum)
5 year old Rat Terrier