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Bonnie Norris

Bonnie Sykes Norris started riding and showing horses when she was 6 years old. By the time she was in high school she was training horses for other people and showing them in Dressage, Western Pleasure, Hunter and Jumpers.

      In college at the University of Hawaii Bonnie trained and participated in behavioral studies training Bottlenose Dolphins. She graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Anthropology from North Texas State University. After graduating, Bonnie was employed full time training Arabian Horses for show and breeding.
      In 1982 Bonnie began to show and breed AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Since then she has bred over 57 AKC champions, Top Ten Conformation dogs, Agility dogs, Obedience dogs, and Field Trial dogs. She bred, handled and trained the #1 Agility R.R. in the U.S. and a Top Ten Obedience RR. She's been a Top Five Breeder in the U.S. for 1999,'00,'01: number one Breeder U.S.(tied) for 2002.

      In 1999 Bonnie purchased an 18 month old Scottish import Border Collie named "Kilt." Fifteen months later, Kilt had qualified for the USDAA Agility Grand Prix Nationals, Steeplechase Nationals and Masters Team Tournament Nationals. Bonnie has put Agility titles on 5 different dogs and three different breeds, she competes at the USDAA Masters level and the AKC Excellent B level and the NADAC Elite level with three different dogs.

      Her Border Collie "Kilt" obtained his AKC Masters Agility Championship (MACH), his MACH 2 and his USDAA Masters Agility Dog (ADCH) titles before retiring healthy and happy at age 10. In 2007, Kilt took fourth in Texas, all jump heights, in the AKC Nationals State Team Tournament in Ohio. Kilt also ran clean through the Semi-finals in the USDAA National Championships in Scottsdale, Arizona.

      Her Sheltie "Zap!" was moving towards his AKC MACH title when disaster struck and he had to be retired early due to a devastating injury. Her Sheltie "Cloud", which she co-handles with her daughter, Larkin, is also half way through her AKC MACH title.

     Bonnie's newest dog, Border Collie Hidden Valley Crouching Tiger (aka "Ice") began competing at 15 months of age and completed both his AKC Novice Standard and Open Standard titles and his AKC Novice Jumpers With Weaves and Open Jumpers With Weaves titles in three trials at 16 months of age. He completed his AKC MACH title as a three year old and qualified for both AKC and USDAA Nationals as a 2 year old. He is a multi-local USDAA Grand Prix and Steeplechase winner and took 6th place at his first USDAA Regionals as a 2 year old. As a three year old, Ice qualifed for both AKC and USDAA Nationals for the second time. He placed 16th cumulative at AKC Nationals. Ice also made the U.S. Team to compete in the European Open in Salzburg, Austria, running clean all four rounds. Ice is two qualifying runs from his ADCH as a four year old.

      Bonnie has hosted or attended seminars by Two Time World Champion Chris Charpentier, U.S. World Team member Linda Kipp, U.S. World Team member Joy Bishop, Animal Behaviorist and USDAA National Steeplechase winner Pam Reid Ph.D., USDAA National Grand Prix winner Susan Garrett, AKC World Team member Gerry Brown, and Stacy Peardot. She lives with 4 dogs, her loving husband, her two dog-crazy kids, one horse and one fat cat.






Bronwen Lanning

With a love for animals dating back to her childhood, Bronwen first learned about agility on television. Never dreaming she'd get to participate in the sport, fate would intervene. Facing some behavior issues with her 10 month old All American, "Pepper", Bronwen quickly enrolled at Paws For Applause Agility school after a colleague at work shared a brochure with her. Found as a stray at 3 months old, "Pepper" proved to be a challenging dog. Working through fear and insecurity, Bronwen managed to acquire titles in NADAC and USDAA with "Pepper", while focusing on building confidence and having fun! Bronwen has enrolled her 9 month old Aussie rescue, "Rex", in agility classes in August of 2006 and plans to start competing soon. Rounding out the pack is 14 week old Aussie, Pistol. Bronwen started teaching in 2006, and uses her successes with Pepper to encourage others with similar dogs burdened with overpowering fears.  

     Bronwen lives in Nevada with her husband John, six dogs, one fat cat and two birds. 





Kathryn Cockerham

Kathryn found the sport of agility quite by accident 4 years ago in 2006 while reading Dog Fancy magazine. Her Australian Shepherd, "Skye", was 12 months old and it sounded like something fun for them to do together. Kathryn researched the local agility schools and quickly enrolled at Paws for Applause Agility School. Kathryn and Skye began competing in August 2007 and have acquired titles in AKC, ASCA, USDAA and NADAC. They are currently working on their AKC MACH and ASCA ATCH. The youngest addition, 19 month old Australian Shepherd "Blaze", just began her agility career in August 2010 and has already earned titles in AKC and ASCA.